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Boo Fest with Morristown Lions Club on 10/26/09

Smokey and Lion Paws are at the Booth!

Smokey and Lion Paws are at the Booth!

On Monday, October 26, I joined the Morristown Lions Club at Morristown’s Fred Miller Park for Boo-Fest.

The committee designed a terrific booth with a large Tennessee Smokey (that lit up when it got dark).

Smokey was holding a skeleton labeled as Steve Spurrier. . . the coach of the South Carolina team Tennessee will be playing on Halloween night!

That was a big hit!

Some of the Lions Club members were dressed up, too!

With 'Bloomin' Idiot'?!?

With 'Bloomin' Idiot'?!?

One member proudly described her costume as the “Bloomin’ Idiot” – cute idea.

There were also a handful of members who weren’t brave enough to dress up for the event. . . and they REALLY wanted to know my identity!

I’m starting to see a theme here!

They actually threatened to gang up on me, tackle me, and rip off my head!

If I could have talked, I would have reminded them about Lion’s GOOD WILL! All in good fun, of course. . . I hope!

A Friend of the Lions

A Friend of the Lions

Trick-or-Treat Fun!

Trick-or-Treat Fun!

It was great to see so many children and families out, as well as some creative costumes!

It’s always fun to meet new friends, and I heard that there were over 5,000 people who participated in Boo Fest!

More Fun!

More Fun!

Congratulations to the Morristown Lions Club for participating in a terrific event. And thanks again to Lion Kaye Forester for driving me to the event, taking photos, and otherwise protecting me from her club members :-)

I’ve got a few more photos in my photo album, so check them out!

Keeping Roaring!

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  • By Angela Shelton, November 10, 2009 @ 3:16 pm

    Thank you Paws for doing such a great job at BooFest! We love you!

    Morristown Lions Club!

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