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Morris Blvd. Lions Club’s Car Show on 10/10/09

On Saturday, October 10, I was able to visit the Morris Boulevard Lions Club’s Car Show held at Lions Volunteer Blind Industries in Morristown.

Morris Blvd Lions

Morris Blvd Lions

For the most part, I was able to dodge the rain, and it was good to see the turn-out given the weather.

I recognized some friends from the Morristown Lions Club and Knoxville Tri-County Lions Club. It’s great to see Lions supporting other clubs’ events!

I also met some new friends and had lots of photos taken!

A new friend!

A new friend!

There sure was a lot of interest in knowing my true identity! Clark Kent? Diana Prince? Bruce Wayne? Hee, Hee!

And one member of the club really wanted to give my outfit a try. He tried bribing me with a hundred dollars!

Through an “interpreter” I called his bluff and said I would let him wear the head for that $100 to be donated to the cause. Of course he didn’t have it :-)

Lion Paws a Sponsor!

Lion Paws a Sponsor!

Special thanks to PDG Kaye Forester for including me as one of the event sponsors. . . my name was included on the back of the shirts!

'Pick of the Pride' Award Winners

'Pick of the Pride' Award Winners

So, of course I had to wear an event shirt.

But, all they had left were extra large sizes, so the shirt fit this Lion more like a dress!

I helped present the “Pick of the Pride” award voted on by members of the club. That was fun!

But, I REALLY like the “People’s Choice” award – that trophy was almost as tall as me!

I tried to sneak it out, but no such luck.

Another fun time being a Lion! See you around!

For Me?

For Me?

Check out my photo album and hopefully, I’ll get even more photos to add!

Keeping Roaring!

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